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Big, Fat Nose

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Big, Fat Nose


Judging someone is way too easy, isn’t it?

Arghhh!!! Am getting so bored!
What should I do?
Ohh! I can put my big, fat nose into someone else’s matter with which I don’t have anything to do…
This is the most interesting job for few people to do when they get bored.

Look!! She is wearing a short dress! How can she wear that?
Just answer me one thing
If she is wearing a short dress why is that bothering you?
Have you paid for the dress?

No right!

Then why?


If a boy is always using his phone that also bothers you.

He may be doing something that is not understandable for you or is out of your reach.

If someone is posting something that also bothers you.

Why? Is that person using your account to do so? Will you pay the internet bill?

Trust me no one in this huge planet needs your suggestions or opinions. You can keep these to yourselves.

If anyone is doing anything which is wrong their parents are present to guide them. You don’t have to waste your precious time on anyone.


If you are not liking anyone’s post or not liking that person you can unfriend him/her or even can use the block option provided to you but the social media.

Grow up!!

God has gifted you a nose to breathe in the fresh air and breathe out. You know what? You can even smell stuff. Isn’t that enough?

So, stop putting that into other’s matter.

Use it for the purpose for which it is provided to you by God.

In this huge planet, no one needs your suggestions or opinions. Trust me!

Keep it to yourself. If you don’t find any work to do, don’t waste it by judging as it will not pay you anything.


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