Don't Spend Money On Things...Spend Money On Experiences.You will Enjoy Life A Life Lot More...

Don’t Spend Money On Things…Spend Money On Experiences.You will Enjoy Life A Life Lot More…

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Don’t Spend Money On Things…Spend Money On Experiences.You will Enjoy Life A Life Lot More…

Being happy is an art and trust my friend things can’t buy happiness. We spend a huge share of our earnings to buy the things which we may use once or twice or sometimes never. But they do not last long.  Today’s generation believes in long-term investment so it is better to stop wasting our money and long hours on unnecessary things to impress others. Live for yourself and best way to do so is to create memories. 

There is a proverb “Books are the gifts which we can open again and again.” Here is another version of it..create memories which you can recall again and again… And every time you recall it the same thrill runs through your veins. The real long-term investment.

Every single day you are surrounded by commercials which catches your eyes as they are believed to make your life easy and better.

 But wait, loving things and collecting them is not everything that you are living for. 

We buy things just to keep our high profile in the society… Just to show off. While doing so you may fail to enjoy actual life.

Don’t you think it is foolishness to live to show others? Instead, we can utilize it to create memories, for having “me time” and “family time”. However, at the end of the day, everybody wants to be a happy family man…not a lonely owner of a mansion with used fewer things which will be for you nothing but junk.

I do understand money is important in life and we do everything to earn it. But while spending it we fail to make the best deal, we end up in a loss by buying temporary things, while it can actually bring eternal happiness at the same or much lower price.

Instead of collecting things one should focus on gaining life experiences.

It is simple logic that memories brings a smile on your face whenever you recall it and things you buy may not create the same magic.

One more thing to add, you cannot acquire things for free but moments and memories can be experienced for free too. Not all, but of course some… 

 A lot of memories can be created in our life without spending even a penny. You just need to find the ways which give you the real kick.


What you need to do is STOP!!  living your life to show others.And it is always great to spend on experiences when you have someone to share it with. 

We cannot live without things but we can minimize our needs and increase the number of the moments to redefine freedom of life by doing things which makes you feel alive and happy.

You can make memories or experiences by spending time with your family and friends. Which is priceless… And also by travelling and gaining knowledge about the world around us? 

In this artificial world whatever we do is only to showcase in social media and to get likes. Likes on our photos or videos from the people whom we personally don’t know. 

We travel so that we can upload pictures on social media and we fail to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Don’t you think how odd it is that we even upload the pictures of the food we eat what fun in that? Instead, we should observe the people and culture around. 

Everyone just needs to find out what makes them feel alive or happy. Like travelling and cooking make me very happy which is a stress buster for me.

I repeat don’t spend on things, spend for creating experiences.  At the last stage of life, you should not have the regret that you have not done this thing yet… And can never do it even with the crores in hand.  So don’t wait till you achieve something or gather enough money. Start now to do things which turn out to be your treasure of memories…….


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