Education System In India

Education System In India

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“Education is the what remains after one has forgotten what he has learnt in school.”- Albert Einstein

At first get this thing straight into your mind “there is a difference between education and schooling”.Schooling teaches you how to make a living but Education teaches you how to make a life.

The Indian Education system or should I say stress equation of India?

1.They make the fish climb to trees and the amazing part is they call it “A Fair Selection”
No one will ask you a simple question-What are you good at?This education system is so busy in taking tests of so many subjects, many of which have nothing to do with your passion or future career scope.
The best part is they are judging us on the basis of marks obtained in those tests.

2.Are we going to be called as “Well Trained” or “Well Educated”?
College is a place to learn but are we learning anything? Or just we are a “PRESSURE COOKER”.
Even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip.But you call such a lion “Well trained” not “Well Educated”.

3.The most important aim of this System-Student should learn “How to mug up the things”
Have you ever asked yourself “why am I studying this subject?”.You know the answer but probably you will end up mugging up that subject, why?The answer is “I want to score good grades.”
According to so-called Indian Education System “If you have been able to keep your grades high in each stage, you would luckily become part of those 0.1% fortunes whom we call as
successful people following the general pattern.”

4.One more component that is wrong with this system is student i.e., us.
Yes, you read it perfectly correct.We too have a fault.Have you thought for a while “what you are?”,”What you want to become?and why” or you don’t have time for these questions?
Just don’t follow the GENERAL PATTERN blindly.

5.Here comes the major component of this system-“THE TEACHERS”
Firstly let me clear you one thing that not every teacher is bad at teaching in our system but the majority of them are.
Most of the teacher know what to teach but the major problem is they don’t know how to teach and the problems arise from here.
Sitting in the class but not getting anything because the teacher is just teaching and there is zero interaction between teacher and student, the sincere ones are nodding and following teacher’s instruction
blindly.Now comes that student who is not mugging up, he asked one question from the teacher but what teacher did he just simply avoided that question by saying “It’s not in your syllabus”.

And at the end, the same teachers are saying “Be creative and come up with as many questions as you can” and the student stopped coming up with questions.“One more murder of creativity!”

Just one line –
“Hey, India! Keep increasing reservations.
You take the reserved, We will take your “deserve” said other countries.
One of the reasons why we are still a developing country, not a developed one.

Indian Education system is like…
Exams…Exams…..Results…Next Stage……Exams…Exams…Results…Jobs…Die

I hope I presented my perspective clearly to you.


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