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Sagarika was back in the city, after ten months, she was back to Kolkata, standing at the airport waiting for her taxi. Suddenly her eyes fell on a face too known to her, a face which was too close to her heart, and it skipped a beat.
It was Aditya, her husband.

Aditya saw her standing, waiting for her cab. He knew she had seen him too and his heart was asking him to go and confront her.

“Back in town?”
“Yeah. Why are you here?”
” I came to drop Sourav. He is going on an official tour.”
“Where are you staying? With your parents?”
“No. I will get some hotel.”
“No need of that, our apartment is empty, you can crash there. Come on, I will drop you.”
“No need of that, Aditya. I will manage.”
“Did I lose the right to help you too?”
“No it’s nothing like that, you know that very well! Okay, I will come, but first, let me cancel my cab.”

” Adi, why are you stopping here?”
” Thought you might be hungry, so let’s grab some food first. You still like baked pasta?”
“Take anything you want, but pack it please”

“Sagarika please open the lock!”


“They are where you left them…”

“Okay! I put the food on warming. It’s time for me to bid adieu!”
“Crash over here itself. No need to drive to your place this late at night. Of course only if you don’t have any problems…”
“Won’t it be uncomfortable for you?”
“No, not really. And come to the table there’s enough food for both of us”
” Okay. First, let me see if there is something to drink.”

“Sagarika you want some?”
“No thanks. Am fine”
“So, why in Kolkata, suddenly?”
” It’s my home! I can’t live in Delhi forever!”
“So you are back for good?”
“Yeah. Took a voluntary transfer.”
“Still with TCS?”
“Yeah. Still with them. Actually, my official accommodation will be ready by tomorrow. I need a place to crash only for tonight.”
“It’s your place too, so you are not intruding! Please be comfortable!”
“Aditya, can I ask you a question?”

“Ask two!”
“Why didn’t you call me back when I left?”
“I thought you left because you wanted too. It was your right to do whatever you want with your life and I had no right to stop you.”
“But still, I was your wife!”
“We were a couple only for the outside world. I don’t think I had any right over you…”

“Make a drink for me too…”
“Sure! Now can I ask you a question?”
“You can.”
“Why did you leave?”
“Because I was tired pretending to be the perfect couple, in love, when there was no feeling actually!”
“Justified. But you could have talked to me about it at least.”

“How could I? Communication had a problem with us from the very beginning!”
“Yeah, true that! The only proper communication we had was while setting the terms of this fake marriage on our wedding night!”
A silence shrouded them and suddenly Sagarika started laughing, trying to hide a pain somewhere, but Aditya had already noticed it.
“Know what Adi, you have office tomorrow. Am also tired. Let’s call it a night!”

“You still awake? I thought you had fallen asleep”

“I came to drink some water. But why are you still awake, and that too, drinking?”
“Nothing, actually I didn’t have a single sip after you left. I was thinking something.”
“Don’t you need to go to the office tomorrow?”
“No, actually I took a leave for this week.”
“You don’t need to do that, I will manage with the shifting!”

“I know you will. Actually, I hadn’t taken any vacation for a long time so I was planned to go on a road trip.”
“With friends?”
“No no, solo, a bike ride to the hills. When are you joining?”

“The next week. I also have this week off…”
“What is eating you off, Mishu?”
“Nothing. Did you call me Mishu? Nobody has actually called me with that name for a long time. Actually, no one has called me that after dad died. How did you come to know this nickname even?”
“Your wristwatch, which your dad gifted you, had this name inscribed on it.”
“You noticed?”

“I notice a lot! Now come sit here, tell me what’s wrong?”

Sagarika came and sat on the sofa, but didn’t speak.
Suddenly Aditya noticed teardrops in her eyes.
“What happened? Why are you crying?”
“Why don’t you hate me for leaving?”
“Because I never thought myself to be someone easy to live with!”
“Why are you always this calm and caring?”
“Because I had started to feel… Nothing, it’s just how I am.”
“Don’t lie to me!”

“What do you want to hear?”
“Why didn’t you get me back? Why did you let me cut off?”
“Because it was your choice to make. I thought you still felt for Subham.”
“No!! I left because I had started to feel for you, and thought you didn’t! I couldn’t stand to be ignored for love once again in my life!”
“What? Do you like me? You never said!”

“Do you like me?”

“Hell yeah! From the day I saw you outside your office! In fact, I even stalked you for a while! Then found your matrimonial advertisement in that website and approached you..”
“I was forced to marry you, after Baba’s death, I couldn’t live alone!”
“And you chose another orphan to love with!”
The next moment, they were locked in an embrace, both of them could feel the warmth of love and care for each other.

That was the night they consummated their togetherness. And the next day, the first thing Aditya did was buy a helmet for her, because now he had a pillion to take care of…
And Sourav would have to find a few apartments when he returned!


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