Lifes melodramatic

Life’s melodramatic….


Life’s melodramatic….

Life plans many things without our damn concern. Isn’t it unfair? I could say no. The very first state of us, our birth itself is uncertain and everyone is okay with that and why to regret everything that comes in our way…. and now you would say yes.

Here comes the troublemaker girlfriend. Everything seems to be fine at the square one. Eventually, the drama begins and most of us being thugs and savages, we break it up ASAP. It doesn’t end there and it’ll never be. We feel like missing them like we miss the most important muscle and tissue of a man if you know what I mean.

The truth is…we don’t actually miss them, rather we miss the state of being in someone’s company, someone’s warmth embraces and sh*t like that. Finally, we get into a solitude.

But guys trust me the only thing or the only one about whom you have to worry or feel bad for something unfair you did about them is your mom or your dad and the rest is sh*t.

So be firm and be a man……..





Agree guys????????????!!!!!!!!! 

@ ladies don’t envy me!!!

the next one’s for you😉…

~Chaitanya Chowdary 

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