Media: A Synonym To Bollywood

Media: A Synonym To Bollywood

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Media: A Synonym To Bollywood

Media is supposed to be one of the most important pillars of democracy. However, paid news has taken over the task of influencing people. The election of 2009 saw the high level of use of this route by political parties to generate public opinion in their favour.

The people who matter just the media are influential enough to impact governments of the different countries and it was recently in media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s drama as it unfolded and revealed its linked to the British parliament. In 2004, the Election commission in Mumbai asked a reporting agency about who had paid them money to publish a news which seemed suspectable. It never was questioned again then probably because the Election commission thought it safe not to interfere with these ‘powerful’ agencies.

The news channels and media are supposed to act like ‘watchdogs’ of democracy and make people aware of all the mishappenings in the society. So, it becomes really unsafe when the watchdog itself plots with the miscreants and starts to act falsely.
Bollywood is always praised for the movies that it has been producing years after years. They are capable of deceiving the people into a story of some movie with the very talented actors and the dazzling effects. While this effect in Bollywood is good for the relaxation of people there arises a problem when the media starts to act as Bollywood.

The news channels now have taken up the task of deceiving the people in order to make personal gains and deceive the people into something that is not. The political parties in India have found a way out of all their corruption and misdoings by providing a particular news channel with all they need! How are people to know the truth when the informers are stained with the colours of some particular group or party.

Another thing which is obvious now is that the media is being highly responsible for giving a political touch to anything happening in the country either good or bad. The editors and journalist have become mere actors in the hands of some influential parties or personalities who act as both directors and producers.

This phenomenon is gradually making the environment of Indian democracy very unhealthy and may cause some major problem in our country if this blurring of the line between Bollywood and media blurs.

The only thing people can rely on nowadays is their own conscience and their knowledge of their practical world. So either the people take steps to enforce the ‘sunshine’ media to act for the cause of the country and force the legislation to make laws regarding this or set proper guidelines for the Press Council of India.

If the people remain ignorant they can keep their alternative to watching movies on movie channels or news channels.



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