‘PARENTS’ the biggest blessing of God we have in our lives since we took birth❤.

Being a parent is really not a matter of joke. It takes a lot of courage to be a parent. A parent is a caregiver of the offspring. The ‘sacrifices’ of the parents for their children are innumerable. Parents have unconditional love for their kids. No matter what they never stop loving their kid. The whole world may go against a person but his/her parents would stand beside him/her throughout their lifetime. The one & only job from which one can never retire is from the job of being a parent. Parents are the ones who show us the right path. We all get the smell of love from their scoldings too.

They may scold us but we need to understand that the scolding is for our good. None of the parents likes to scold their child but sometimes it is important for a good future.
Home is where our parents are.
It leaves me numb when I get to hear that someone is sending his/her parents to the old-age home. I mean seriously? How can someone leave the birth-giver? The ones who made us learn how to walk by giving their fingers to hold, when they need our hands to walk at their old-age how can we even think of leaving them.
No relationship is greater than the relation of a parent & offspring.

The number of sacrifices given by a parent is innumerable but still, I tried to make a small list of 2-3 of them here:

Parents have to give their complete time to their offspring. They forget about their hobbies, happiness just for the child. The couple forgets spending time with each other. The time which they used to spend together flies away.

Professional life:
Professional life is also affected greatly by the parents especially the life of the mother. Being an Indian I can say that father works at the office and mother leaves it for taking care of the kid.

Parents look after all the needs of the child. They may forget all their needs but will always Fulfill their child’s one.
They spend all their money for the child’s education, other hobbies and wishes.


Your presence made our lives meaningful. We are nothing without you.❤


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