Requited at last

Requited at last

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Requited at last

“Remember the day when we were standing at the crossroads, our paths clearly different, I really wanted to follow you that day. But then I remembered that you are not mine to follow…

I have written countless letters to you and now all of them lie safely beneath the pages of my diary…

All the girlfriends I had, I never really loved them, how could I? You need the heart to love someone, and mine is still with you, and the funny thing is you don’t even know that…

I shifted to a different city to escape this feeling towards you, but you know what? It was useless because physical distance never actually helped me to forget you.

I fear to be alone because all the demons I have inside me, they get free reign over my mind. That is why I call you soo many times a day…

Your voice soothes my mind, it still has the power to calm me down to cheer me up, to motivate me.

And when I met you, after a very long year which seemed like took a decade to end, all it felt was like home!!”

Aarav was planning to what to say while proposing Arusha again and it was too foggy, the road was dark and out of nowhere there was this truck, distress lights on, and alas! It was too late to brake. His slammed with the truck, the helmet came off and flew a foot away and he was struggling to keep his eyes open and things went black.

“Ah! there it is, I am being able to peep and finally see and Oh my!!! There you are!! Why are you crying? You know that I can’t stand it seeing you crying? It kills me to see tears in your eyes. Oh so foolish of me! I forgot am already dead. What are you saying? I can’t hear it clearly! What! Did you love me? Am I actually hearing what I am hearing?

Didn’t I die in that accident?

Am I still alive?

Oh, fuck is still alive!!!

She saw him jerk and suddenly open his eyes, clearly in shock, but a faint smile in his otherwise badly bruised face. He woke up from the unconsciousness he went into after that freak motorcycle accident, the very day he left his bag in her home and she saw inside it his diary. She had just finished reading the letters when the news of his accident came.

She simply went and held his hand, said: “You just woke up from a bad dream into a very beautiful reality, you idiot!”

She thanked God for her eyes were moist with happiness for the first time after she stepped inside the hospital three days ago.

“I love you too, idiot!!”

And she went to call the doctor…



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