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The growth stages of one’s life between 13-19 years old is known as ‘TEENAGE’. During this time, the teens are exposed to some external and internal struggles. Teens go through hormonal changes, puberty, social and other pressures. It is expected that a teen will cope up with all of these.
Teenage is such an age which can become a blessing for some and can also become a nightmare for few which can destroy their whole future.
This phase is such a phase in which the guidance of parents and teachers are way too important for the teenager’s future. Coping with this phase is not easy for any teenager due to lack of past experiences. Parents need to behave like ‘friend’ with whom teenagers can share their feelings and thoughts. The teenagers should feel free to discuss their problems with their parents without any second thought.

The most common problems faced by teenagers are:-


Nowadays life has become a race where everyone needs to come first.
Every parent wants their child to come first and to fulfil this wish they keep on forcing their child to study.
For sure education is really important but one should love it. They should not be forced.


Teenagers have to undergo and cope up with several body changes. Some teenagers feel too fat/too skinny/too tall/too short etc. With these feelings, a teenager spends their time wishing they were not too skinny/ too fat /too short / too tall etc.
When they do not like something in themselves they start losing confidence, they have self-esteem and body image problems.
The mood and general growth of a teenager are highly affected by the hormonal changes. Puberty tempts teenagers to compare themselves to people around them and when they find those people are better they start feeling low. Most youth’s ability to develop positive self- esteem is affected by family life and parental criticism. Teenagers to experience negative comments about their appearances, the way they talk, etc stuff also develop poor self-esteem and body image.


This is one of the biggest problem faced by a teenager by their schoolmates and people around them.
Bullying affects a person so much that he/she suffers from depression.


This comes from negative feedbacks given by others. Depression is way too harmful. The person suffering from depression even commits suicide.
Medical help should immediately be taken.


To fight with depression teenagers starts drinking alcohol, smoking, some even start taking drugs to cope up with everything going on in their lives.

Every problem is connected to each other directly or indirectly.
Teenager problems should be handled bravely.

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